lauantai 28. elokuuta 2010

Interpreter in spotlight! New features; predictors and tweet

Modules to be found in the interpreter itself:

A shell is as powerful as its capabilities plus the understanding of
those by human user. This shell will be one that does not lack
in features. But I also like to make many migration paths available
into the core of the shell, so newbies learn it fast in practical
business use. Thus sandboxing, safety indicators, and other means
are necessary.

- future predictor shows what side effects a command has
- disk space predictor shows how much impact a command has on disk or other media
- change propagation simulator shows when your commands hit networked hosts
good for admins running remote thingies
- mutator can be used as pipe to make rainbow commands
- dictionaries available from many languages
- irc module inbolt into the system
- tweet supported from command line; like 'tw hi guys [profile]'
- helpdesk chats, asking help from gurus 'open-chat peterW'
- more coming up!

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