sunnuntai 25. huhtikuuta 2010



keskiviikko 21. huhtikuuta 2010

Nukom goals

Nukom is a project where I want to make a new kind of effective
shell for Windows. Why Windows? Because it lacks a good tool for this. I have used 4DOS back in the days of 1990s, and I really liked the power of typing commands and getting the operating system do things real fast. Nowadays, the Windows has gotten a bit more cloggy. And the word 'bit' is an understatement. I want speed, and versatility.

Besides writing a shell is very good practise. With it, you get to do a lot of things:

First, thinking what the OS lacks. What needs to be done?

How to interpret commands from a user.

How to modularize the code of a shell, ie. what kind of mechanisms, loops, conditions, and so on can be done as to not grow the code size or program complexity. This is the Art of Programming.
Elegant code is always quite pleasant to maintain.